Combining well known supplements

The effects of combining 3 well known nutritional supplements.

A published study in the scientific journal Nutrition & Metabolism explained the effects of combining nutritional supplements.In particular L-Carnitine, Creatine and Leucine. With the purpose to understand the effects on muscle mass and performance in older subjects with sedentary lifestyle. 42 healthy adults aged 55–70 years were randomized to receive either a combination of L-Carnitine (1500 mg), L-leucine (2000 mg), creatine (3000 mg) for 8 weeks.

The study subjects were:

Healthy males and females between the ages 55–70 years with sedentary lifestyle. The subjects were oriented to maintain current dietary habits and activity levels. No exercise or training program was applied. The authors evaluated muscle mass, functional strength and mobility after eight weeks of intervention. Quality of life, blood safety markers, and muscle biopsies for protein synthesis analysis were also conducted at the baseline and end of the study. In conclusion, L-Carnitine in combination with L-leucine, and creatine, significantly enhanced lean muscle mass. Coupled with overall functional strength particularly in the lower legs. Likely due to an improved muscle protein synthesis. More over the combination product was safe, well tolerated, and may provide additional performance value with prolonged use.  L-Carnitine-Creatine-Leucine BCAA - New Evidence of Effects CARNITINE: THE SCIENCE BEHIND A CONDITIONALLY ESSENTIAL NUTRIENT BCAA: Leucine, isoleucine and valine new evidence Creatine and the hydraulic retention