Catherine Colle, vice-president of Midway Labs USA, is featured in The Asian Entrepreneur

In an interview with The Asian Entrepreneur, Catherine Colle, vice-president of Midway Labs USA, said that she began her career as the head of one of the largest sports nutrition brands in the world. She discussed entrepreneurship, long-term goals, market challenges and how she created the Glamour Nutrition brand. Catherine stated that she began working very early in life. While other children her age were concerned only with going out with friends or doing their homework, she was already participating in important meetings within the company, which helped her mature very quickly and enjoy all the experiences she was having. She got the idea for creating the Glamour Nutrition line when she was invited to model for a Los Angeles agency. Catherine saw that the models were suffering from skin problems, but since she herself had taken supplements for a good part of her life, she was one of the few who did not need a lot of makeup. That was when she had the insight to create a brand aimed especially at women, one that would make them beautiful from the inside out. Check out the full interview on the The Asian Entrepreneur website.