Exercise, protein supplementation, & healthy aging


A scientific paper was recently published in the journal Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews. It pointed out another reason why the elderly and middle-aged individuals associate the physical activities with the protein supplementation. According to the published work, which investigated the results of numerous scientific papers published on the subject.


It is believed that the loss of muscle mass accompanying aging is due, in large part, to the difficulty of the elderly to digest and absorb the proteins and amino acids. so that these nutrients are appropriately and sufficiently captured by the muscles. The various studies cited show that the practice of exercises associated with adequate protein and amino acid supplementation is able to promote the increase of this amino acid uptake by the muscles contributing to the increase of the protein synthesis with consequent increase of muscle mass even during the process of aging.

Healthy Aging

In addition, research shows that this stimulus provided by exercise can last for several days. According to the findings in the scientific literature, it can be said that regular practice of exercises "rejuvenates" the muscle.


The good news? Even low-intensity walks are already able to cancel out the negative effects related to the aging process. They are therefore sufficient to attenuate the loss of muscle mass in the elderly. It is important to note that the study emphasizes that it is the lack of regular physical activity practice. This is the main factor responsible for the loss of muscle mass with age.
Protein supplementation
Therefore, in addition to an adequate intake of proteins and amino acids, the adoption of a style More active life is indispensable for healthier and more independent aging. Collaboration Dra Gerseli Angeli