Final Day at the 2018 Arnold Sports Festival

Sunday marked the fourth and final day of the the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. The festival wrapped up with a day full of fun activities on the expo floor, more award ceremonies, and an exclusive luncheon for the event’s sponsors.


Despite being the final day of the expo, there was still a large and enthusiastic crowd eager to meet our athletes and participate in the event’s held at our booth. Romulo Rocha, Felipe Franco, and Alice Matos were on hand for a meet and greet and autograph signing. The weekend’s activities, including music, dancing, fitness challenges, celebrity appearances and product demonstrations continued right up until the expo officially closed.

Here are some of the photos from the activites:


Team Midway Labs Athletes Brandon Watkins and Keo having a blast in our booth



Team Midway Labs Athlete Brandon Watkins giving away merch at the Midway Labs booth. 


Team Midway Labs Athlete Romulo Rocha 


Team Midway Labs Ambassador Bella Falconi and Athlete Romulo Rocha(far right)


Alice Matos, Team Midway Labs Ambassador, poses at the booth with a Midway Labs representative


Team Midway Labs Ambassadors Alice Matos and Felipe Franco


Team Midway Labs Ambassadors Alice Matos, with Midway Labs Reps Capree Robinson, Shelby Nicholson, and Nicole Ann Marie



The Rogue Record Breakers took center stage on Sunday. According to the Arnold official website, “Those who break world records will win $5,000 and his or her performance will be submitted to the Guinness Book of Records.”

While Hafthor Bjornsson attempted to throw a 56 pound ring weight over a 20 foot bar, three other competitors attempted to lift a 315 pound dumbbell overhead, and more challengers attempted to lift a 309 pound stone and then a 324 pound stone over a 44 inch bar, it was Martins Licis who stole the show with a record-breaking 560-pound rockover squat.


While Licis made headlines that Sunday, there was a full slate of other events that took place, including the 5K Pump and Run, chess competitions, rowing competitions, the Spartan amateur boxing, obstacle course, fencing, and ax throwing.


For the sponsor’s of the 2018 Arnold Sports Festival, the weekend ended with a special luncheon with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mayor Andrew Ginther of Columbus, and other notable figures. It was a memorable event to cap off an amazing weekend!

Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking at the luncheon

   Arnold Schwarzenegger and past winners of the Arnold Classic


Midway Labs USA will see Arnold again soon at the Arnold Sports Festival South America in April!