Gold Coast Muscle Classic Championship

Midway Labs USA is a proud sponsor of the Muscle Contest along with brand companies such as NPC, IFBB, BodyBuildingcom, and many others. Muscle Contest was held the Gold Coast Muscle Classic Championship in Redondo Beach (CA) last Saturday. It is a pleasure for us to take part in this event and celebrate bodybuilding around the world!

See the Overall winners for each category:


OPEN BODYBUILDING  Overall Winner Larry Williams ?


MASTERS BIKINI 40+ Overall Champion Suzanne Fargo ?


NOVICE MEN’S PHYSIQUE Overall Champion Virome Villajin ?


UNLIMITED MEN’S PHYSIQUE Overall Champion Alfrank Elemento ?


UNLIMITED FIGURE Overall Champion Angelique Castaneda Boydston ?


MASTERS FIGURE 35+ Overall Champion Kristina Parks ?


MASTERS BIKINI 35+ Overall Champion Luis Eramya ?


CLASSIC PHYSIQUE Overall Champion Kaden Nguyen?


UNLIMITED BIKINI Overall Champion Shan Ma ?


Congratulations to all the winners and we wish them success in their future competitions.