Military Trail Featured on Cover of Muscle & Fitness

Midway Labs USA brand Military Trail can be widely seen through out the August issue of Muscle & Fitness. On the cover of the August issue, alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is Military Trail’s product, Ere Force! 

We are so excited for this exposure and to be seen alongside such recognizable legends in the industry. Throughout the publication, Military Trail can be spotted multiple times with product features, callouts, and workout programs that best suit each product. Callen David represents Military Trail in the publication and in the online 12 week training program, Warrior Fit: M&F’s Guide to Getting Battle Ready. “In my opinion, the exercise during boot camp is mainly focused on breaking a soldier down, not necessarily to peak one’s physical performance,” says Callen David to Muscle & Fitness. 

The focus of the article by Muscle & Fitness and Callen David’s stand point on the workout program is to have the mindset of strength, speed, and durability… at all costs. Authenticity and determination are what drives David during his workouts. He wants to help build strength for the pure asset of being strong, not necessarily for competing purposes or others approval.

 “Bodybuilding is exactly that: building the body and muscles, mainly for aesthetic purposes,” David says. “Not much focus is placed on athletic or functional fitness. Having a range of athletic and tactical skills will come in handy in the military and in life.”

Muscle & Fitness says the good news about adopting an elite soldier’s work habits in the gym are not only affecting your inner health but it will also impact the way that your body looks. With weight training and speed development you are enhancing your body’s fast-twitch musculature. Doing this you are building the muscle fibers that are the most responsible for growth. In effect you will also see greater testosterone levels and growth hormone release by doing these types of workouts parallel with healthy nutrition and sleep habits. 

“In my experience, when I worry less about how I look and more about how well I can perform, I not only feel better but actually look better, too,” David says. “Looking good just kind of comes along naturally with the hard work you put in.”

We will be featuring highlights of this workout plan over the next few weeks on our Military Trail Instagram story feature, so make sure to keep up and try the program for yourself!