When to consume nutritional supplements


The consumption of nutritional supplements is surrounded by many doubts and above all lack of reliable information. The big problem for consumers is how to answer their questions and what reliable sources of information they can look for. Currently the internet offers a huge number of websites and blogs that purport to report on dietary supplements.

Personal Opinion vs Research

The problem is that many of the available information can not be trusted. Often the text presented reflects the personal opinion of a user reporting the conclusions of their personal experience. Sometimes even information passed on by others without proper qualification. Supplementation is fairly new in the area of physical activity and sport sciences. Even some doctors and nutritionists confess not knowing how to indicate supplements.  Others for lack of information prefer to resort to a commonly used phrase. "Those who have a balanced diet do not need supplements, even those who exercise".

Facts and results

Supplements are nutrients, therefore nutritional components. Just like those found in different foods. Its enormous advantage derives from being isolated nutrients, that allow a specific administration meeting certain needs. Of course with the proper dosage of each component. Those who deny the importance of supplements often do so for lack of knowledge. The health professional who intends to acquire knowledge to guide the use of supplements needs to seek information in scientific articles. The knowledge about supplements is a very recent and dynamic area with new information appearing with great speed. Reliable sources of information on the internet itself should be those that present scientific research results. Not someone's personal opinion. To inform about supplement it is necessary to study and mainly research. Of course, the universe of supplement users has a tendency to increase more and more. Not only in the direction of sports performance, but also in promoting health as an adjunct to exercise programs and active life itself.