Orlando Europa Games 2018

Each year, nearly 60,000 fitness and sports enthusiasts, athletes, health-conscious consumers, and people from the health and fitness industry come to Orlando for a weekend full of fun and competitions at the Europa Games. These attendees are joined by over 100 exhibitors sampling, selling, and demoing a wide variety of products including activewear, nutritional supplements, health food, sporting equipment, anti-aging products, and more!


Midway Labs USA & Military Trail's booth at the 2018 Orlando Europa Games right before the expo center opened on Saturday!


Midway Labs USA & Military Trail's booth at the Orlando Europa Games

A peek at the crowds around the Midway Labs USA and Military Trail booth


The booth was busy with non-stop action, including fitness challenges, push-up contests, demos, sampling, games, and prizes. 


Winners of Saturday and Sunday's Midway Labs USA Fitness Challenges



Winner of the Push-Up Challenge


While there was a wide array of contests that took place over the weekend, the highlight of the Orlando Europa Games was the NPC and IFBB Pro League competitions!


Diogo Montenegro won Men's Physique, defeating Gerardo Gabriel, Greg Brant, Chase Savoie, and Scott Dennis for the title.


Diogo Montenegro wins Men's Physique at the 2018 Orlando Europa Games

Gerardo Gabriel, Greg Brant, Diogo Montenegro, Chase Savoie and Scott Dennis compete in Men's Physique


Penpraghai Tiangnok won Women's Physique, defeating Valentina Mishina, Lauren Rutan, Sarah Fechter, and Brittany Watts

Penpraghai Tiangnok wins Women's Physique at the 2018 Orlando Europa Games


Valentina Mishina, Lauren Rutan, Penpraghai Tiangnok Sarah Fechter, and Brittany Watts compete in Women's Physique


Felisha Livezey won Figure, defeating Stacey Fujarski, Tarryn Garlington, Melissa Bumstead, Stephanie Hammermeister 

Felisha Livezey wins Figure at the 2018 Orlando Europa Games


Midway Labs USA would like to offer a big congratulations to these winners, along with all the other winners at the 2018 Orlando Europa Games! We look forward to sponsoring the event again next year!