Post Workout Supplementation - What Really Works!

Post Workout Supplementation

Post-workout supplementation is a real challenger strategy. The purpose is based on the following points:
  • The body has different needs at different times, depending on type, intensity and duration of the activity.
  • The supplements you take are very important before, during, and especially after your workout.
  • The use of certain nutrients after workouts can increase performance and speed recovery time.
The purposes of using nutritional supplements post workout are as follows: Replenish energy stores (glycogen resynthesis)
  • Decrease protein breakdown
  • Increase protein synthesis
  • Repair the muscle damage caused by the workout
pre-workout-supplementation-midway-labs-carbs Moreover, during the first 30-60 minutes after your workout there are special needs our bodies create. Thus we call this a “window of opportunity” that remains open during this period of time. Therefore some supplements are much more effective during this period, and we cannot lose this opportunity. There is a lot of scientific evidence that support the following recommendations: 1 g/kg per pound of body weight of CARBOHYDRATE to enhance glycogen replenishment. 0.25 g/kg per pound of body weight of WHEY PROTEIN to increase protein synthesis. 3 g/kg per pound of body weight of LEUCINE to repair muscle damage. As revealed, it also helps to take a BCAA before and after completing a workout. Midway Labs USA THE IMPORTANCE OF THE RECOVERY PERIOD BCAA - New Evidence of Effects How many calories do we burn speed running? The Effects on your Body After a Vigorous Workout When to consume nutritional supplements References: Jentjens R & Jeukendrup A. Determinants of Post-Exercise Glycogen Synthesis during short term recovery. Sports Med 2003;33:117 Pitkanen H, et al. Free Amino Acid pool and Muscle Protein Balance after Resistance Exercise. Med Sci Sports Exerc 2003;35:784