Stock Car 2018 Curitiba

Stock Car 2018 Curitiba was held this past Sunday at the Autodromo Internacional de Curitiba. Team Midway ambassador Alice Matos was on hand to meet fans and sign autographs, along with the driver of the stock car sponsored by Midway Labs, Pilot Felipe Lapenna.

Stock Car Curitiba is a part of Stock Car Brasil, also known as Stock Car V8, which is a touring car racing series based in Brazil. This racing series is considered the major South American motorsports series. This series was created in 1979 as an alternative to the former Division 1 championship that competed with Chevrolet Opala and Ford Maverick. The first race was run on April 22, 1979 at the Autódromo Internacional de Tarumã.

Sponsoring Stock Car drivers since 2005, Midway Labs USA is the only brand of supplements involved in this sport. Ricardo Maurício, Ricardo Zonta, Paulo Gomes, Valdeno Brito and Popó Bueno have all raced with Midway’s sponsorship.


Check out photos from the event below!


Team Midway Labs Ambassador Alice Matos with Pilot Felipe Lapenna

Midway Labs Ambassador Alice Matos with Team Midway Girls

Team Midway Representative

Team Midway Representative

Team Midway Girls




Midway Labs Ambassador Alice Matos with Midway Representative