Fat Burner Bundle

120 Red Tablets | 450ml / 15.21 fl oz

  • Muscle definition*
  • Increases metabolism*
  • Promotes alertness*
  • Promotes Weight Loss*
  • With Green Tea and Stevia*


L-CARNITINE STRIKE may help promote weight loss when used in combination with a physical training and diet program. Studies have shown that L-Carnitine improves fat metabolism during exercise, while supporting a healthy heart rate and blood glucose levels. In addition Green tea helps boost the body’s metabolism, making it easier to burn unwanted calories. Research has shown that a daily serving of green tea can help to increase metabolism by up to 5% and that polyphenols found in green tea may increase metabolism speed up fat oxidation.*

Thermogenic Blast:

Thermogenic Blast is an advanced formulation designed to help increase metabolic rate and promote thermogenesis when combined with diet and exercise. This promotes fat loss while preserving lean body mass, while supporting a reduction in abdominal fat for that “ripped abs” look. In addition, Thermogenic Blast may help you feel fuller when you eat and help increase energy levels, enhance performance, promote alertness and reduce fatigue.*

Supplement Facts

Informações Nutricionais

Serving Size: 30 mL (2 Tablespoon) Servings Per Container: 15

Quantidade por porção %VD (*)
L-Carnitine 3800 mg **
Green Tea Extract 380 mg **

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